Lovers of modern art are in for an unforgettable experience this November, as the National Gallery Singapore and the ArtScience Museum? collaborate to present Southeast Asia’s first-ever exhibition dedicated to the Minimalism art movement.

This ticketed event will run from 16 November 2018 to 14 April 2019. Held over two venues at the National Gallery Singapore and the ArtScience Museum?, the exhibition features over 130 works of art, exploring the origins of Minimalism and the legacy of this ground-breaking art movement. The exhibition will be complemented by a series of special programmes – including artist talks, dance performance and print workshops – that will enrich our understanding of Minimalism’s impact on today’s art and lifestyle.

Minimalism: Then and Now

Originating in 1960s America, Minimalism marked a radical turning point in the world of art with its emphasis on extreme simplicity of form to present the bare essence of art. The movement shifted attention away from the experience of art as an object in itself, focusing attention instead on the political, social and spatial contexts of the work.

Since its origins, Minimalism has permeated the disciplines of literature, music, architecture and pop culture. Art lovers keen to enhance their appreciation of this ground-breaking movement will be able to immerse themselves in this comprehensive presentation which covers the most influential artists of the past seven decades.

Over 130 works by international artists such as Mark Rothko, Yayoi Kusama, Carmen Herrera and Ai Wei Wei, and local luminaries including Jeremy Sharma, Kim Lim and Tang Da Wu will be on display.

Through space, time and spirituality

Fittingly, the exhibition exploring the evolution of Minimalism from the 1950s to the present day will be at National Gallery Singapore, which is housed in the heritage buildings of the former Supreme Court and City Hall. Visitors will be taken on a journey that traces Minimalism’s shift from painting to sculpting and immersive installations.

Complementing this presentation is the display at ArtScience Museum?, which will explore form, colour and spirituality, highlighting principles that appear in both the artistic and scientific domains. Expect to come face to face with the notions of the cosmological void and emptiness, while a dedicated Sound Room will allow visitors to explore the realm of minimalistic sound and experimental composition.

Singapore: A Living Art Gallery

In Singapore, you’re likely to discover works of art in streets and galleries alike. Indulge your artistic side by embarking on art trails in Orchard RoadMarina Bay, and the Civic District, where you’ll find works of brilliance around unexpected street corners.

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